Affordable treatment
plans for everyone

Since every treatment plan is unique, so is our pricing. Treatment plans as little as $197/mo.

Customized Financing Icon

Customized Financing

Just like every patient has a unique smile and treatment plan, all of our patients also have a unique payment plan. Once our team has done an assessment and we've created a game-plan together, you will be able to choose the pricing that works best for your budget.

Flexible Down Payments Icon

Flexible Down Payments

Whether you are wanting to pay for most or all of your treatment up-front or you can't put any money down, we can begin your treatment plan without any upfront cash. That means your perfect smile is one step closer without any money initially out of pocket.

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Family Discounts

Looking for treatment for multiple family members or friends? We offer discounts with multiple treatment plans. This makes it even more affordable for families looking to get everyone the beautiful smile they deserve without needing to wait for others to finish first.

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No Surprises

What good is a beautiful smile if you are frowning from an unexpected bill or charge. We don't have any hidden or surprise charges with our services and all of your payments can be managed online or by calling in to our office staff.

Our Smiles

See what our patients have to say

We know that a smile is about more than just teeth. Each smile represents a person and a story that we love being able to help share.

Tatiana A.

“One of the first things I noticed was the warm welcome from the staff, from the front desk, when you are greeted on the phone… I love the whole experience. I came first and then I brought my daughter. You’re just going to bring your child to somebody that you trust and you feel that connection.”

Anna A.

“It was always just easy coming here. Everyone is super friendly. I always love the staff and some of them are still here from when I came years ago. I liked that consistency of seeing the same techs every time. It was always easy to make an appointment, cancel an appointment, and they just always made it very convenient.”

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